Rare Known Mind Control Secrets To Win Negotiations

What mind control secrets do you use to win negotiations? Better yet, do you consider how to control your mind and that of the opposing negotiator to win negotiations?

To increase the win rate of your negotiations, you must understand how to use mind control. Observe the following rare known mind control secrets to win more of your negotiations.

  • Control – The following is a recorded message heard by callers on the outgoing voicemail of a company that was having a severe problem… “We are aware of the issue that you’re experiencing and our team is currently addressing it. We hope to have it resolved shortly. Thank you for your patience.”

After the message, the caller was disconnected. What happened in that call? The company was telling subscribers that it was aware of its problem, the problem was being addressed, and they thanked the caller for their patience. Wait! The caller had no say per their ‘patience’ because they couldn’t respond to the message.

The above is one aspect of mind control. If you give no options and instead cite your negotiation position without the opportunity for the opposing negotiator to respond, there can be no arguing or rebuttals. This tactic works best when you’re the one in a strong negotiation position and your offer is made in a form where the opposing negotiator cannot reach you quickly, if at all, to respond.

  • Awareness - Do you observe the number of times you and the opposing negotiator experience attempts to exercise mind control in your negotiations? You should, because it means you’re raising your awareness per what’s occurring in the negotiation and why such occurrences happen. That’s very important when it comes to controlling a negotiation because before you attempt to control a situation, you must be aware of why you’re attempting to do so based on what has preceded your attempts.

In every negotiation, each negotiator attempts to control the thought process and thus the mind of the other negotiator. That’s how one negotiator comes out ahead in a negotiation. To the degree your awareness is raised to the level of understanding what’s occurring and why what’s occurring at the time it does, you’ll have greater insight per the tactics the opposing negotiator is employing to sway your perspective in the negotiation. That awareness will give you insight into what she’s attempting to achieve. From that insight, you can assess how to respond.

  • Subliminal Suggestions – You can make and place subliminal thoughts in the mind of the other negotiator by placing emphasis on certain words (e.g. I believe this one will serve you best, agreed? Assigning number one and two to two options you offer and circling the number one, etc.). In each case, you’re subliminally leading the opposing negotiator to be predisposed to accepting option one.

To give this type of mind control tactic prevalence, you have to set it up by exposing the opposing negotiator, in this example, to the number one multiple times prior to associating the option you wish her to accept with that position. If done astutely, she’ll be unaware as to why she favors option one from the two offered.

You can discover a lot by being mindful of the mind controlling aspects that occur in a negotiation. To the degree that you are and know how to utilize the tactics mentioned above, you’ll become a more convincing negotiator that wins more of your negotiations… and everything will be right with the world.

Remember, you’re always negotiating!

How To Make Your Potential Clients Like You Without Having To Answer The Phone

Any salesman will tell you: the key to making a sale is to make the customer happy. Well, when you are an attorney, potential new clients that are calling you need to feel a sense of either happiness or hopefulness that you will be able to help them. Here’s how you can make your potential clients like you before you even get the chance to speak one on one with them.

Always Have a Live Person Answer the Phone:

When potentially new clients are calling you, they aren’t calling with the intention of leaving a voicemail. In fact, recent studies have shown that voicemail retrieval is down, and the amount of voicemail being left is down as well. People do not trust that these recorded messages will be heard, and therefore will hang up on move on in their search for help. When you have a live receptionist inside your office or a virtual receptionist at your answering service answer the call, it exerts professionalism, and allows the caller to experience the intake, which will let him/her know you will be calling them back to discuss his/her case. Even better, answer your own phone when you can!

Make a Lasting Impression:

Having a live representative of your firm answer your phone creates the right first impression. This way, your callers know you are dedicated enough to your practice to make sure that there cry for help did not fall on deaf ears. If you simply could not answer the phone because you weren’t available to speak, but you can send the potential client an email or a text, do it as soon as possible. The quick follow up will let callers know that you are always reachable and that you handle matters swiftly.

Establish Your Web Presence:

Your website has to look new. Think of your web presence as your physical appearance. If a potential client came to hire you for your legal services and you were dressed in sweatpants and a stained t-shirt, they will sprint in the opposite direction. If your website is outdated, looks hard to navigate, IS hard to navigate, isn’t mobile friendly, or doesn’t provide helpful information, you will get the same result as the sweatpants example. Make sure your website is easy to navigate, mobile friendly, looks brand new, and has helpful information so that your potential clients are impressed when they visit your website!

Genuinely Do Some Good Work:

This part is up to you. You don’t have to give away millions of dollars, but taking one pro-bono case and getting it in the local news won’t break your bank. Help someone out and do a nice thing, and people will see you as the local hard-working and genuine person that you are! People saying nice things about you will probably make you feel all warm and fuzzy, too.
Happy Hunting!

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